Some New Cars Hold Their Resale Value. Others… Don’t.

The time has come to buy a new[-to-you] car, and you’re pondering the age old question: Did the chicken come first, or the egg? No, no. Not THAT age old question, the other one: Will the car I buy hold its resale value?

It might. If a 2015 Toyota Tacoma tops your list, or a 2015 Jeep Wrangler, know that you’ve chosen wisely. Kelley Blue Book gave these models and others (including first-timers Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon, and the newly redesigned Ford F-150) Best Resale Value accolades.

But if you’ve got your eye on a sportier sedan, or an electric compact, take our word for it, and don’t buy new. Visit Winchester’s hottest used car dealer, Car Credit Nation, and let someone else absorb that depreciation, why don’t ya?

BMW 7 Series

Everybody’s who’s anybody wants one. And really, anybody who wants one usually has the money to buy one new. There aren’t a whole lot of these puppies sitting on used car lots, and the ones that are just don’t get sold. They’re shiny, and fancy… and when something goes wrong, they’re quite expensive to repair. This is the kind of car people lease, and then return to the dealership: Not a long-term investment, and not one you’ll get much for on trade-in.

Fiat 500e

Ooh, it’s shakin’
It’s electric!

Everybody who’s anybody who wants to save the environment wants an electric car. But anybody who wants an electric car thinks Smart, or the Nissan Leaf (though each of these could have also made our list). Fiat isn’t exactly a household name in the US; and those who do remember the brand remember the time when Fiat sold cars here before they’d mastered the whole reliability thing. Their track record has preceded them, and their value is all-around kind of low.

Lincoln MKZ

Everybody who’s anybody wants to be, or sit next to Matthew McConnaughey, but not even close to everybody wants to do so in a Lincoln. Despite the carmaker’s recent attempts to rejuvenate the brand, young consumers still tie “Lincoln” with “old.” And then there’s the competition: The MKZ moves in the same circles as the Accords, Fusions, and Sonatas on the road; they’re just cooler, and more youthful. We wish the MKZ didn’t get such a bad rap; it’s a well-made car, with lovely interior — and one no one wants.

The good news is…

Of course, the good news here is if you like any of the cars on this list, the smartest move you could make would be to purchase one used: At northern Virginia’s most trusted used car dealer Car Credit Nation (locations in Falls Church, and Winchester, VA)!

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