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Why should I go to a Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealership?

Deciding what car dealership to go through can take time and effort, especially if you have less than perfect credit. Buy Here Pay Here used car dealerships offer a huge relief if you are in this situation. When the banks are turning you away and you have lost all hope, BHPH comes into play. They can get you approved quick and easy regardless of your credit score. With just a few stipulations such as proof of address and 2 of your most recent pay stubs you can be outside choosing your vehicle.

Let’s check out some more benefits BHPH can offer you!

Down Payments

Coming up with a large sum of money can be challenging. Buy Here Pay Here dealership down payments can start as low as $500 and commonly up to $5000! You will find that most of them. Car Credit Nation only requires down payments on the lower end of the range scale, making it much easier to get into a vehicle when in a tight financial situation. Most down payments at Car Credit Nation are less than $1000.

Same Day Approval

Sitting in a dealership for hours is not ideal. Buy Here Pay Here used car dealerships typically have very quick processing times. You will get approved the same day and your approval is locked in. So there will be no stress of leaving with the car and possibly having to give it back because the financing didn’t go through.

Flexible Terms

Buy Here Pay Here dealerships pay close attention to your budget and will help you get into a vehicle and payment you can afford. They are here to help you succeed with your auto loan. Car Credit Nation, a buy here pay here in Winchester, VA will provide you with multiple payment options tailored to your needs.

Payment Schedule

Figuring out when you need to pay each of your monthly bills can be stressful. Most Buy Here Pay Here dealerships will schedule your car payments on a weekly or monthly basis. Car Credit Nation in Winchester, Virginia will schedule your car payments to come due according to your specific pay schedule to make it easier for you to remember when your payments are due.

Interest Rates

You may have heard that Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships charge super high interest rates. In some cases this may be true. You can expect a higher interest rate if you do not have perfect credit. The average interest rate for Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships is between 15% and 20%. Car Credit Nation, a used car dealership in Virginia offers rates as low as 4.9%.

Establish Credit

You will find that some Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships offer a no credit check option. In some cases that can benefit you. However, if you are trying to establish credit or repair your credit, choosing a used car dealership that reports to the credit bureaus is a great advantage! Car Credit Nation does perform a credit check, mainly for identity verification and to ensure you have enough available income to pay for the vehicle. Outside of that, you will not be denied based on a credit score. The Lien Holder they use does report to all 3 major credit bureaus which will help build a good payment history on your credit report as long as they are paid on time.

Family Like Atmosphere

Most Buy Here Pay Here used car dealerships are family owned and operated. The customer’s overall car buying experience to them is highly prioritized. Buying a car can be a stressful situation if you do not have the right support system. Car Credit Nation will treat you like family and help you with each step in the car buying process, from explaining the application requirements to test driving the vehicle, how to make your car payments, what to do if you have mechanical issues and everything in between.

No Hidden Fees

Some banks charge up to $1000 in extra hidden fees for subprime lending. Used Car Dealerships like Car Credit Nation, a Buy Here Pay Here in Winchester, VA do not charge hidden fees. You will have the opportunity to view all fees at the time of purchase. The only amount you will need to pay at the time of your sale is the down payment. Taxes and Registration fees are included in the amount financed.

Extended Breakdown Coverage

Buying a used car comes with the risk of the vehicle potentially having issues. Before you purchase a used vehicle, I would make sure the dealership offers an extended warranty. Car Credit Nation offers up to 3 year protection plans on your vehicle including extensive mechanical breakdown coverage, lock-out services, roadside assistance, and loaner car coverage.

Why Choose Car Credit Nation?

Overall, Buy Here Pay Here Used Car Dealerships are a great place to start if you need a vehicle regardless of prior repossessions, have filed for bankruptcy, or have no credit at all. Car Credit Nation, a used car dealership in Winchester, VA will go the extra mile to get you into a vehicle and set you up for success with your auto loan.

Less than perfect credit? No Credit? No worries, Contact Car Credit Nation, a Buy Here Pay Here in Virginia today!

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