The Truth About Tire Maintenance in Used Cars

TIRE MAINTENANCE   Tire maintenance is very important when getting behind the wheel for both your own safety and the needs of your vehicle, maintaining your tires needs includes things like tire rotations, tire…Read More

Is it possible to buy a car with bad or no credit?

  Is it possible to buy a car and get financed with bad or no credit?   Do you have bad credit or even no credit at all? Are you wondering if it will…Read More

Why do we need oil changes?

Why do we need oil changes?    Getting oil changes for your  used vehicles are very important because engines have constant, many moving parts. This causes friction, friction in this case is caused by…Read More

Some New Cars Hold Their Resale Value. Others… Don’t.

The time has come to buy a new[-to-you] car, and you’re pondering the age old question: Did the chicken come first, or the egg? No, no. Not THAT age old question, the other one:…Read More

Safest & Most Dangerous Cars, According to IIHS

A recent study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has found safety on the rise, with reported driver deaths on the decline! Until the year 2006, there were no reported crashes…Read More

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