What Will You Do with the $550 You’ll Save on Gas in 2015?

Like a penny from the top of the Empire State Building, gas prices are falling — from an average of $3.28 one year ago, to $2.27 today. For the oil industry, this spells trouble, but for you, it means savings, savings, savings! The US Energy Information Administration has predicted that the average American household will spend less than $2000 on gasoline in 2015, a savings of approximately $550 from 2014.

Savings like that beg the question:

What will you do with your $550?

Save it.

What goes up must come down… Can the same be said for what goes down? Probably. Gas prices are low now, but sooner or later they’ll go back up. And when they do, your wallet will thank you — for saving all that money you saved, that is.

Buy two plane tickets to an island paradise.

December is festive. December isn’t so bad when you have Christmas to look forward to, but January is gray and cold. Take that $550 you’ll save at the gas pump next year, and buy two plane tickets to Puerto Rico, or the Bahamas, or Mexico. While away the cold winter days in paradise.

Cut your credit card debt.

Sure, you could fly away to paradise, or you could pay off your debt.

Make it rain.

$550 = 55 ten-dollar bills, or 550 one-dollar bills. Throw it into a pile on the bed, and learn what it feels like to be surrounded by money, money everywhere.

Blow it on the Kim Kardashian Hollywood app.

Wait. Spend five-hundred buckaroos on Kim K, really?

One Jezebel columnist did: “I know. I know! I’m the worst. I’m a sheep. I’m part of what’s wrong with modern American culture. But at least in Kim’s realm I’m an A-list celebrity with 50 million fans — after nearly $500 worth of in-app purchases, of course.”

Buy stock.

Celebrity fandom is important, and we know that all of you — man, woman, and child alike — aspire to live as the middle Kardashian sister (We’re kidding, of course.), but consider a smarter investment. Take your $550, and buy a single share of Google. Or five shares of Apple. Or 36 shares of Ford. But then again, it’s probably not in your best interest to buy stock in the oil and gas market.

Take care of your car.

Could your car use a good, thorough cleaning? Take the money you’ll save at the gas pump in 2015, and show your ride a little TLC. The used car experts at Car Credit Nation are standing by to take care of your tune-up, and get your vehicle in tip-top shape for 2015.

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