★★★★★ – Trista McIntyre – 02/27/22

I absolutely loved this place. I got my car back in 2016 and it still is going strong. Yes in the beginning the transmission went out, 100.00$ to fix under the extended warranty, saved 3000+ For that. The serpentine belt slipped due to the water pump leaking, $100.00 to fix under the extended warranty, they gave me a loaner car for the transmission which wasn’t the best but it got me to and from work. I was late on a payment or 2 and yes they called but it’s understandable they want their money, that’s any business. I just let them know I would make a payment that following Monday and they were fine with it. COMMUNICATION is key. I seriously have nothing negative to say about them. I’m actually, actively, looking into trading my current car now on a SUV there. Just communicate with them and their work with you.

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