The short answer is:

Buy a used car from Car Credit Nation.

The long answer is this:

A lemon is a used car bought and sold with defects and/or damage. It’s a valid concern for many when purchasing a new car; many buyers (especially those with bad credit, and who might have trouble securing a traditional car loan) worry they’ll end up with a lemon, but there are ways to ensure that doesn’t happen — not the least of which is this:

Buy a used car from northern Virginia’s most trusted used car dealer, Car Credit Nation.

To avoid buying a lemon, you should also:

Hire a mechanic you trust to look over the car and inspect the body for any signs of crash damage. New paint jobs over uneven sections of the car are one sign of disguised damage. (Or, buy a used care from Car Credit Nation.)

Inspect the inner workings of the car or get a trusted mechanic to do so. You’ll want to have the vitals — oil, brake and transmission fluid, and the air filter — checked out, as this will give you a general idea when the vehicle was last maintained. (Or, take advantage of Car Credit Nation’s Buy Here, Pay Here financing, and drive away in a reliable used car.)

Take the used car for a test drive. A dealer who will discourage you from taking a test drive is a deal from whom you should not buy a used car. (Visit Car Credit Nation, and take any one of our cars for a spin.)

Ask, “Where’s the CarFax?” All reported accident information regarding the car will be available. The one drawback to these services is that any unreported damage won’t be listed, which is why it’s important to inspect and test drive the vehicle. (Northern Virginia’s trusted used car dealer — Car Credit Nation — offers unrivaled transparency, and no credit check financing.)

Buy a quality used car from Car Credit Nation.

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