The economy is strong. Employers are adding jobs at a rate higher than we’ve seen… since the last century. But even so, your credit is still in shambles, a hole you’re afraid you’ll never be able to dig your way out of. Don’t be ashamed; it’s happened to the best of us, and we’ve got great news: A poor credit score doesn’t mean you have to keep driving that jalopy!

You, too, can secure auto financing (and reliable transportation). Here’s how.

Check your credit report.

If you’ve found yourself in a pickle — Defaulted on your student loans? Racked up major credit card debt? — your credit history may or may not show up correctly on your credit report, even if, for years before, you paid every bill on time, and never missed a payment. Get your hands on a copy of your credit report, and read it closely for any inaccuracies, or anything that’s more than seven years old.

Dispute any errors.

Found something that doesn’t look quite right? File a dispute immediately. When errors are corrected, and old foibles eliminated, your credit score will rise.

Save your pennies for a down payment.

Bad credit, or good: The less you have to borrow, the more likely that lenders will be to approve auto financing, and the better your interest rate will be. A car’s value depreciates significantly the moment it’s driven off the lot, and given that, the lender isn’t protected unless the borrower (That’s you.) can provide a down payment.

Consider all your options.

Don’t say ‘yes’ to a loan without first considering all of your options. Try several different lenders, and different term lengths to find the one that works best for you.

Choose used.

Sure, we may be a bit biased, given the fact that we are, you know, a used car dealer, but there are many great reasons to choose a pre-owned vehicle over a new one. The interest rate you get may be slightly higher, but the amount of money you have to borrow will be less, which means your monthly payment will be less, and that the car will be yours-yours-ALL YOURS in less time.

With locations in Falls Church and Winchester, Virginia, we pride ourselves on offering Buy Here, Pay Here financing to everyone regardless of credit score. Never again will bad credit hold you back: Visit Car Credit Nation, and drive away in a new [used] car!

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